Waterfowl Hunt of a Lifetime
12 Gauge Outfitting is a premier Canadian Waterfowl Hunting operation located in the heart of waterfowl country
Best Waterfowl Region in the World
Based out of the family farm near Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada
3-4 Day All-Inclusive Fall Bird Hunts
The Rowswell family has hosted hunters for over 20 years for fall migratory and upland bird hunts

Waterfowl Hunting Adventures

Early mornings in Saskatchewan become thrilling when a symphony of waterfowl sounds precedes their appearance. Decoys are out, the calling begins and flock after flock come into view. When they commit to landing, your heart pounds and your mind races.

Jordan grew up in the area, has hunted all of his life and loves the sport. In 2019 a life long dream came true as he took over the family waterfowl hunting operation. Over the years guiding for his dad Kevin, he’s mastered where the birds like to feed, the natural flight lanes and all of the resting spots. He follows the feeding patterns so that he knows where and when the birds will dump out of the sky.


“Thanks for another trip to waterfowl heaven. Jordan is a wonderful guide- his father taught him well. We hope to return again.”


“Perfect weather, good birds, wonderful accommodations, food, and hospitality from the Rowswell’s. Jordan worked hard for us- too bad our shooting didn’t reflect his good work!”

Great Hunts,
Super Food

“It was great to be back hunting with you, thanks for the great hunts, super food, and the hard work you do to make it possible. Best wishes and thanks again.”

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here they come, just a little closer...

Experience the thrill of a Saskatchewan waterfowl hunt that will stay with you for the rest of your life!