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Jordan Rowswell

Jordan grew up in the area and has been guiding hunters from around the globe for 20 years. As a Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council certified hunting guide, he has enjoyed leading hunters to bear, whitetails, and waterfowl. In 2019 a lifelong dream came true as he took over the family waterfowl hunting operation, his true passion. Over the years guiding for his father Kevin, he has mastered where the birds feed, the natural flight lanes, and all of their resting spots. He follows feeding patterns so that he knows when and where the birds will dump out of the sky.

Once the waterfowl season is over, you can still find him outside; hunting, fishing, trapping, or pulling the kids behind a snowmobile.

Jordan Rowswell

The Rowswell family

Jordan and Kendra Rowswell took over the family waterfowl operation in 2019. Jordan’s passion for hunting was passed on from his father who owns and operates Wheeler River Lodge. Together the Rowswell family has hosted hunters for over almost 30 years to their hunting and fishing operations.

12 Gauge Outfitting (formerly Big Sky Outfitting) is based at the family farm near Cut Knife, Saskatchewan– which just happens to be located in “waterfowl Heaven”! We offer a fall migratory and upland bird hunt. Waterfowl hunters will thrill as flight after flight of birds drop into the decoys. We will have the fields spotted and equipment ready when you arrive.

Wheeler River Lodge offers incredible fishing as well as hunting for black bear and moose. Kevin and Cheryl are very proud of their beautiful fishing and hunting camp on the Wheeler River. This total wilderness experience offers the finest opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle. The Rowswell family invites you to an incredible Saskatchewan hunting experience you will never forget!

12 Gauge Outfitting Rowswell Family

12 Gauge Outfitting Ltd. is a proud member of Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters.